The new era of video-meetings, webinars and virtual gatherings has been met with some resistance by those who didn’t bother much with the digital world pre-COVID.  To ensure the success and longevity of our businesses there is a mind-shift that has to happen. We have to adapt and familiarize ourselves with online meetings for job applications, strategy, training and brainstorming.

But how and where?

The first concept to accept is that everything about the meeting is the same expect that you are not in a formal physical office environment. To initiate it’s as simple as downloading virtual meeting software like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Blue Jeans and a host of other options on the market now, then setting up your smartphone or laptop with a camera on a steady surface, starting your application and voila! You’re good to go. If you are invited online to attend a meeting then you should receive an invite via your email to join a meeting. This invite will contain a passcode and password. If you don’t have the software on the receiving end you can simply download it

Tips to prepare yourself and your ‘meeting space’

  1. The first concept is a no-brainer, prepare yourself as if you would actually go to the meeting physically. Yes, put on your office attire and make-up, select a well-lit spot in your home or even outside.
  2. Set up your device slightly above your eye-line to avoid ‘up-nose’ shots.
  3. Ensure you’re next to a window with lots of natural light, if it’s night time then set up an additional light source (besides the overhead ceiling light). A standing lamp or desk-lamp is a good idea to add additional flattering light.
  4. Ensure you have a fast internet connection – at least 2mbps up and download with a ping of 25 max for video with audio
  5. Test your set-up and system beforehand with a friend to ensure the video and audio is acceptable.
  6. Do research about the company or individual who you are about to have a discussion with.


Lastly – don’t think too much about video-meetings – it’s still just a meeting, the novelty of it being structured to take place in a virtual reality will soon disappear. It helps to ‘practise’ before hand with a friend or colleague and  getting to know how the software works.