Portrait photography

What is in a Portrait?

Portrait studies

A portrait study is a photo-session or sessions done over a period of time and the intention is to document a person – either their progress or change – like we do while our children grows up and we snap away trying to capture them. 

but what makes a good portrait?

A good portrait is when you can recognize the person you are looking at in the image – not only by their facial features but by seeing their uniqueness and quirky personality traits. 

Not all photographers are the same – and that’s meant in a positive way. Portraits tells as much a story about the photographer as it does about the subject so it’s beneficial to meet up first and see if you ‘click’ – pun intended! 

Things to look out for when you are in the market for portraits – whether it be corporate or more informal. 

  1. Most photographers have a unique style – be it their editing style or shooting style. Up close and personal, odd angles or a specific type of lighting to compliment you. 
  2. Availability of commissioned work to assist you in making your decision. 
  3. A good understanding and sense of comfort with the photographer – there’s nothing as awkward as when you don’t feel comfortable with your photographer. It’s a good idea to meet up first – after all, portraiture is an up-close and personal affair. 

We specialize in: Corporate, Personal and Family portraits. 

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