Our offerings can be ordered as a once off service or on a retainer basis – so you can get back to running your business!
We are open to discussing what you need done and the pricing below serves as a guideline.


New websites
Hosting profile management
e-Commerce management


Taking photos
Basic photo editing
Background removal/enhancement
Basic photographic training
Photographic lighting


Content creation for websites
Social media post creation
Print media design
Business card design

We have been creating websites with WordPress since 2012 so we know WordPress inside and out.  Noting that WordPress can throw at you can scare us! 

When we create new websites we mostly do custom designs using the Divi-theme as core. Everything is tailored 100% to suit your business needs. Nothing more, nothing less.

WooCommerce Store Manager

Let us handle the e-Commerce store for you.

  • eCommerce store maintenance
  • Daily order checking & reporting
  • Customer support to ensure successful online sales
  • eCommerce store products add & remove
  • eCommerce user database maintenance

Website hosting management

Let us handle the geek side of your site.

  • Hosting profile management
  • Hosting profile maintenance
  • Email set-up and creation
  • Technical support for busy websites

Website webmaster

Let us handle everything website for you.

  • Daily website check-ins
  • Software upgrades & updates
  • Adding of content (photos & text)
  • Technical support
  • Weekly report on activity & visitor stats

Design, Revamp or Repair

Need a new site, just repairs or updates.

  • Website revamps (have content & need new look or functionality)
  • Website repairs – it’s there but broken
  • Website design – send me the pieces of paper with your drawings on & i convert it into a website. 

Photography is our jam! We have been taking photos since 2007 and are well versed in all the different branches that exist. Portraits, weddings, all kinds of celebrations, family & personal photos. 

We also offer our commercial & small business clients product, property, event and corporate photography. 

We bring you 10+ years of photo-editing skill and can handle minor video editing projects on demand. 

Professional Photographer

  • Product photos in a studio or at your premises
  • Event photography – per day or per hour.
  • Aerial photos of accommodation & property.
  • Lifestyle photos with a unique fine art touch.

Photo editing

  • Basic exposure & colour correction
  • Background replacement
  • Deep-etching
  • Complex compositing
  • Property photos enhance

Photography training

  • Learn the basics of photography
  • Let me teach you about light
  • How a camera works
  • The best practises with regards to photographing property & interiors
  • Photographing people

Video editing

  • Basic video editing – exposure & colour correction, transitions
  • Basic video creation
  • Property overview/introduction videos

Design is a word that implicates the creation of media to present a message. It can be as simple as a logo for your new brand/business to the media for flyers, posters and advertisements in print media (magazines & newspapers). 

We offer this service purely as a supporting service to our clients and existing clients. Why? Because when you start out with your business it’s just so much simpler if you can order this along with your new website. 

Content Creation

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIN
  • Pinterest
  • Blogs


  • New logos
  • Logo revamps
  • Business card design

Designs for websites

  • New unique designs
  • Revamp designs

Magazine/Newspaper Adverts

  • Advertisement layout
  • Newspaper articles
  • Newspaper advertisements
  • Image preparation for newspapers
  • Online media for advertising