You’ve booked the photographer, your accommodation website or listing is in progress and the last touch if your photos…

Here are 10 things you can do to ensure your property looks its very best on the day of the photo-shoot.

  1. Ensure stylish and simple decor in harmonious colors.
  2. Spring clean – do the windows, ceilings, bathrooms or paint the property.
  3. White linen on the beds ensures the ‘light and airy’ feel.
  4. Make sure all lights work! The photographer will need them all to be on during the shoot. Yes, even in day-time.
  5. Start cleaning up and watering the garden a month before the time (unless it’s winter)
  6. Have fresh flower or fruit decorations handy. One set of each should be sufficient.
  7. Ensure books for any book-shelves.
  8. Clean the garage floor or don’t have the inside photographed.
  9. Pack away all cleaning detergents/tools/buckets/bins/bags.
  10. Clean the pool.