Hot Coffee Website Care plans

‘…so why would my website need ongoing maintenance and care, it’s newly built and i invested a lot of time and money into it?’ you may ask…

Well, consider this…the internet is an ever evolving space based on the same principles as real life where business owners of brick and mortar buildings or shops will need to think about security, interior decor and staff and other issues.

Your website is under constant threat from hacking and brute force attacks and visited by your customers and potential new clients.  Even-though your website comes installed with uptime monitors and security it’s still highly recommended that you have a plan in place to ensure it stays online and available and doesn’t pose risks to your visitors information.

Basic - R1050 p.m.

  • Hosting profile administration
  • Annual Back-up of site files
  • Monitor uptime monthly,
  • Site security – monthly monitor,
  • 1 hour content add per month,
  • Core & plugin updates
  • Dedicated support & help

Medium - R1550 p.m.

  • Hosting profile adminsitration
  • Monthly Back-up of site files
  • Monitor uptime weekly
  • Site security weekly monitor,
  • No right click,
  • Core & plugin updates,
  • 2 hours content-add per month
  • Dedicated support & help

Premium - R2000 p.m.

  • Hosting profile administration
  • Weekly Back-up of site files,
  • Monitor uptime daily,
  • Site security daily monitor,
  • No right click,
  • Core and Plug-in updates,
  • 3 hours content-add per month,
  • Dedicated support,
  • 24/7 availability

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