Hot Coffee Media websites

We install, maintain, revamp and repair WordPress websites. We build our custom sites using the Divi-theme structure. This ensures predictable stable websites that can work for you when you need it to.

Why you should consider us

You will be assured of our undivided attention once you have decided to have your website built by us.

Our clients enjoy our continued support  and upon completion receive not only a beautiful and functional desktop & mobile website but also a PDF document of the website pages and set of full website back-up files.

Your website is live and what? 

All websites should enjoy a continuous maintenance and content refresh plan to ensure the full benefit of the investment. Ongoing Search Engine Optimising and advertising packages are available.

Guaranteed uptime, customer support and ongoing SEO-actions will ensure your site can be your true online agent at all times.

Talk to us today for exceptional care for your website.

Preferred suppliers/partners:

As part of our exceptional website care and design-develop process we usually regsiter, set-up and administrate your new website’s ‘address’ so you don’t have to worry about anything.

If you have been a wise-nut and have those items ready before the project then we’re good to go.

We have worked with plenty of domain registration and hosting service providers over the years and prefer to work with – or

This means that when the paw-paw ends up in the fan they will provide world-class support and service to make sure your website is back online asap.

For graphic, website and other designs we work with approved service providers or we do it in-house.