When you start looking for a website you will be confronted with this option first. This will be representative of your business online and is usually the name of your business. Think of it as your physical business’ name-board. People who you do business with will automatically look for this name when they search for you online.

In South Africa businesses’ have to regsiter a .co.za, you can however opt for the international suffix .com. You will have to comply with international standards and registration regulations also.

If your business name is not available as a domain name because it’s already been registered with the .co.za suffix then you can opt for versions with a – (dash) in the name or an alternative suffix like .capetown, .com, .net, .co, .za etc. I simple directory search using the south african regsitry, co.za, will help you find out if your domain name is available.

If you plan for your business or business idea to be trademarked at a later stage it is a good idea to register all the possible variants of your business name. You can simply park the extra domains and ask your website administrator to point them to the domain name where your website will be visible.

For more information about domain names or if you need assistance then please contact us.