If you’re in any line of business, be it your own products/services or a franchise, you’ve probably heard the term ’personal branding’ quite a lot lately. Let’s have a look at exactly what this means, and why it is imperative to work on yours!

The term

Personal branding refers to your entire image, this is who or what you will be seen as when growing your brand, so you need to keep this in mind when building your strategy.

When looking at your branding, it is important to remember that consistency is key, so if you’re going to be creating ads, content and marketing, it all needs to carry the same look and feel. If you want to be seen as a more playful brand or a more professional brand, carry that across in your design work as well. Take a look at the below example. Now, image 1 would be more suited to a creative and will not appeal much to a corporate audience, whereas image 2 would immediately be more appealing to corporates and less likely to catch the eye of your average online shopper.

Image 2 (Suited more for a corporate audience)

Types of branding, and where they belong

A common mistake that many business owners make, is failing to make use of all the different types of branding. In order to run a successful campaign, you need to make sure that you have launched a FULL campaign. This means your personal image (if you are going to be affiliated with the company directly), your social media image (This is very important as most consumers are now finding products on social media) and an online presence (This would be your website mostly, Google Ads and SEO).

An easy check-list to remember would be:

***Professional Services!!** When starting a branding campaign, your logo, product images and website NEED TO BE PROFESSIONAL. This means, no logo copied and typed out in Microsoft Paint, no quick-fix template websites that look like they come from the 70’s, and no blurry products images of that creased bag on your bed.

Facebook: Paid ads are not a MUST, but they are quite important at a certain stage of your marketing.

Twitter Short and sweet, but visually appealing is always a winner here.

Instagram: Your younger, more eager online audience would be here, so keep in mind that your images need to be of a certain standard.

Website: Your website will be the first stop when a prospective customer is deciding whether to use your service or not. Make sure that it is modern, user friendly and has enough information, yet not so much as to make it boring. See our article on What my website needs in 2019


Your personal branding needs to reflect who you are, what your product market is, how serious you are, and how far you intend to go. When a customer looks at your page or advert, they want to be able to immediately find more information. They want to be able to see that this is your product even before they scroll down to your name. They know that if you put in the hard work, THEY can trust you because YOU trust yourself!


  • Make sure that you know what your product or service is, and that you know your market BEFORE you start your campaign.
  • If you have already started marketing without a proper logo/page/website, make a big deal about your growth and launch of these branding tools. Something as simple as “Yay! ABC Company is so proud to show of our brand new logo AND website! After all of this hard work (Thanks to our amazing design team) our order sheet is so much easier! Have a look! *Insert link here*” already gets everyone interested in your excitement.
  • Do your research, investigate trends, and keep an eye on your closest competitors. NEVER COPY strategies, but do take ideas and personalise them to work for you.

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